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Earlier 2016, the vocalist Naö was looking for the right fit to start a new project. She asked some guys including Ryuto of 「Story of Hope」 to start up a new band. 4 guys agreed to form the band and MAMY was born in June 1st 2016 in Sendai. The band is strongly influenced by artist such as LiSA, Supercell and other anime theme artists.

They released the debut single “ヒジュラ” (Hijra) on Youtube in October 2016, the responce from the kids were outstanding and released the second single “ファットマン” (Fat Man) in the next month. Even though they haven’t had the chance to perform, they caught many attentions from all over the world with the 2 songs only.

Their first show was held in their hometown in Sendai in March 11th 2017 and the fans who was waiting for their show was totally overwhelmed by their powerful performance.