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Reona, the former member of one of the most well known idol groups in Akihabara decided to quit the group and started to focus on one of her dreams, to be a vocalist for a rock band. She recruited Yuho (Guitarist : Capture of the Sky) as the band members, who are known for their careers in Screamo, Deathcore, Hard Core scene in Tokyo. AstoLights was born in December 2014. Right after the band was formed, they entered the studio with Sync Music Production (known for the work with FEAR FROM THE HATE, SALTYDOG, etc) to record a 3 song EP. The EP was titled "Brand New Day" and released on February 25th 2015. In June they were invited for in-store shows by Tower Records stores, they performed in 4 stores (Shibuya, Akihabara, Ikebukuro and Yokohama). The EP was ranked 1st in the daily sales chart for the day they performed in Shibuya. The 2nd EP "MULTIVERSE" was released on September 9th 2015 which was also recorded and produced by Sync Music Prodution.