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No one could imagine that an English singing Rock quartet from Paris could be touring the world and emerge from the underground scene. Led by Emmy Award Winning producer and singer Damien Quintard, the band thrives on the goal to be the link between The Beastie Boys, Pink Floyd and Queens of the Stone Age. Their first two albums were critically acclaimed and their first European tours set a start to the band’s career in 2014. In only three years the band did 5 European tours and 2 South American tours.

RollingStone: “The latest release of the French quartet Dot Legacy provides a song full of groove with a rocking start and a thunderous end! Great vocal and guitar arrangements!”

Having released the two first records on the German label Setalight Records, the band caught the eye of one of the biggest Brazilian label “ELEMESS”. They decided to release their current EP “STEREO” together. Hence the 2017 Brazil Tour where the band focused on festivals and collaborations with major bands like Supercombo, Far From Alaska and Fresno.

VICE: “ Dot Legacy produced a show worthy of Major Rock Festivals” MTV: “When Dot Legacy lands on the stage, everything shakes” GigRadar: “This has to be one of the best opening acts I’ve ever seen. You absolutely have to check out the wonderful musical talent of Dot Legacy”