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Senanan started her career as a blogger stating "No one else can deceive people like me" and posted many selfie which are modified by photo applications. Her blog was ranked at the 6th place in its first appearance among all of the entertainers. Soon after that, she launched an apparel brand called "QissQill clothing" and inaugurated herself as the creative director/designer.

Also she has been active fashion model and has been appearing on many fashion magazines and fashion shows. "Fashion, Music and Anime are somehow all connected, those are all my favorites and influenced me a lot". That's been said, She decided to perform as a DJ as well. Dressed in cosplay or cute costumes, her unexpected style of performance drew attention from many audience and other DJs. Soon after that huge DJ parties such as Tokyo Bootleg Circuit invited her to perform. In 2015, all of the sudden she had decided to become a singer and recorded 2 songs. The songs were recorded and produced by Sync Music Production (Fear From The Hate, Salty Dog, AstoLights, etc). The outcome is a mixture between EDM and Rock sound which features ironic lyrics toward the Japanese pop culture. The first single CD is titled "2.X Jigen Hikiseki Himahou / Otome Kenjiyoku Sensou" and released on April 20th 2016. Eevn though this single was released in a limited distribution, it had sold more than 2,000 copies to date. Quickly after that, she recorded another 2 songs with Sync Music Production again. The second single CD is titled "Aitai Zettai Shinitai Kenpou / Paaajo aka Legend of Yugai" which was released in December 28th 2016.

She is also a member of an idol / band called Strawberry Syndrome which is led by Ichigo Rinaham (ex.BiS) and performed as a DJ. As of July 2017, Strawberry Syndrome had announced go on an indifinite hiatus. She had started to record her 3rd CD for her solo project right after Strawberry Syndrome went on a hiatus. The outcome is the first EP titled "THE SENANAN SHOW". 5 composers contributed 5 songs for the EP. Each song has different identity and symbolizes her maturity as a solo artist.