Please Lose Battle


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Please Lose Battle sets itself apart by an explosive mixture of chiptune, power pop and mathcore. It's an efficient recipe cooked up six-handedly: electronic and pop tunes composed on a Nintendo NES, raging bass and drums, a kaleidoscopic video stage design. The project: to bridge the gap between digital machines and manned instruments, with the help of Monitor, our violently emotional computer and front-man. The achievements those last 4 years: 3 EPs, 40 european dates, an infinity of screens.

The lastest EP from PLB is published by Cheapbeats, a micro-label based in Japan. Please Lose Battle shared the stage with Pryapisme, Mars Red Sky, Seal Of Quality, Sec, Sabrepulse, HarleyLikesMusic, Comptroller, Kania Tieffer, Betunizer, Bravo Brian, NordLoef, Pain Perdu, Jellica, 2XAA, DJ Pie, Krvkt, Cyanide Dansen, Gagoug, Le Barjack (DJ set)...